Douglas A. Ewen

Douglas A. Ewen was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1985. Ewen, who now resides in Ontario, Canada, is known for his horrific, quirky, and often outrageously comedic writing within the horror community. Ewen's keen knowledge of film, behind and in front of the camera, accompanied by his love of the visual arts, ensured that the only path in life he would walk would be that of a filmmaker.

Chapter 1
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Pardon My Fancy

Mila, prisoner RU 1076, wakes up in a cell where The Warden (Bill Oberst Jr) uses her future to determine the worth of the human race. Though she has not lived it yet, doesn't mean it has not happened. Mila is forced to speak of the horrors that will occur on FS-2023, her interactions with the last human on earth (Eve), and try to find a way to stop this never-ending cycle of rebirth. 

The Woods That Made Me (2019)

Inspired by the novel 'Drifting Upwards' by author M.D Lawrence. A young artist, Rae, who has been living in isolation deep inside the woods is forced to leave the dead lands and go back to her hometown, Blackwood, only to find that humanity no longer exists.

The Devil is Tired of Rushing Me

Charlie, a small-town girl with a tortured past cleans up the 'killing grounds' after Slashers. But after a night of fun gone wrong; Charlie must put down her cleaning tools and finish the job herself.